Daycare in an indoor/outdoor playcentre environment

  • from 7.15am Monday to Friday

    • Dogs grouped by size, temperament, health etc

    • Supervision and play provided by experienced, trained staff.

    • Puppies and older dogs welcome.

    • Lunch provided if required and all dogs are fed separately.

    • Orientation days are free and new dogs are slowly introduced into their suitable group.

    • Other services include bathing, adventure walks/swimming and training. Transport is available at certain times of the year.

    Overnight boarding

    • pick-up by 12pm on day of departure
    • Boarders join daystay dogs for daytime games and sociliazation.

    • Boarders also have the option of including bathing, adventure walks/swimming and training during their stays with us.

    • Meals provided or own food can be given.

    • Meds can be given (no additional cost).

    • Homestay available on a limited numbers basis (additional cost may apply).

    • Transport available at certain times of the year.

    Pet Park and Fly

    • Available car-parks for dog-owners leaving their boarding dogs with us.

    • Car parked securely on-site while owners travel.

    • 3km uber or taxi trip to the airport.

    • Cars are parked at owners risk.

    Other Services

    Airport Doggie Daycare and Kennels also offers Bathing, Adventure Walks/Swims and Doggie Training. Please feel free to ask about these services. More details also available on Facebook.

    • Free orientation visits
    • Human companionship all day
    • Supervision all day
    • Pampering and special attention if required
    • Special diets and medical meals if required
    • Socialising with other dogs
    • Grouping of dogs by size and by temperament
    • Regulated indoor and outdoor playtime