Daycare services

  • Daycare from 7.15am Monday to Friday.
  • Offering socialization in a pack play environment divided by size, age and temperament

Overnight boarding

  • Daycare from 7.15am Monday to Friday and 9am on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays
  • An overnight stay in the dog’s own kennel and pick-up by 12pm the following day
  • Meals provided at night and in the morning

Pet Park and Fly

  • Overnight boarding PLUS
  • Car parked securely onsite while travelling overseas
  • Use a taxi service for the short 3km trip to the airport and back
  • Free orientation visits
  • Human companionship all day
  • Supervision all day
  • Pampering and special attention if required
  • Special diets and medical meals if required
  • Socialising with other dogs
  • Grouping of dogs by size and by temperament
  • Regulated indoor and outdoor playtime